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August 26th, 2009

Control at your Fingertips

Mediatek comes with an intuitive interface and a touchscreen monitor. When operating live, the system can be used without keyboard or mouse.

Intelligent Preview

The preview channel display contextual information: the image being imported, edited, the composite image being built, or the next image in the display queue. At all time, the name of the image is displayed, making it easy for everyone to communicate.

Independent Inputs and Outputs

Each input and output on the system is independent. This means that you can capture a new still while being on air.

Import, package and broadcast stills and clips in seconds

mediatek_256Mediatek is a solution for studios and broadcasters to integrate images and clips in their work. It was designed with the real world in mind, with support for most popular video and image formats, integration of multimedia devices such as flash cards, USB keys and scanners and comes with an easy to use interface that requires little training.

An Intuitive Workflow

Mediatek uses a five step workflow. Each step, except the first and the last are optional and add in functionalities. This means that you can quickly get working, and the learning curve is smooth.
Import Prepare Compose Organize Live Op

1. Import

usbkey Importing images and clips (MPEG, QuickTime® or Windows Media®) will never be a problem. Mediatek lets you import files stored locally or on shared directories, on USB keys, major camera flash cards, up to two HD-SDI inputs and local or shared scanners. Most popular image formats can be imported in Mediatek without conversion (Targa, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG). Additionally, Mediatek uses the alpha channel and pixel ratio specified in the file. When capturing from the HD-SDI, if two inputs are available, they can be frozen simultaneously to grab a synchronized key and a fill from each input. Also, each file, whether captured, prepared or created as a composite is stored as a TIFF that can be open and manipulated by nearly any other image software.

2. Prepare


Mediatek's Built-In Image Adjustments

Adjust colors, deinterlace, change the pixel aspect ratio, replace the alpha channel with a simple drag-and-drop or create one using the chroma-keyer. All these features are built-in with live preview onscreen and over SDI.

Replacing an Alpha Channel Using Mediatek: Mediatek makes it easy to associate an alpha channel stored in one file with an image stored in another: simply drag the image with the alpha channel over

Basic Chroma Keying Using Mediatek: Mediatek provides built-in chroma keying, making it easy to build a key from a black background, or even from more complex backgrounds like this one.

3. Compose

No need to use an image editor for packaging since Mediatek lets you combine multiple objects together. Resize, crop, combine stills and clips and even up to two live SDI video feeds. Pick a background, drag and drop a frame over your objects, adjust the drop shadow and you are done.

4. Organize

Build playlists with a simple drag-and-drop. Mediatek can smoothly mix between two composites, meaning transitions from one image to another use only one output channel.

5. Live Op

Run your playlist or manually trigger an image simply by touching the screen. Up to four outputs can be used as individual channels or paired to output keys. liveop
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