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August 27th, 2009

Bundle ID

Configure Your Model

Mediatek can be configured for different uses. SD, HD, DVI, SDI, with capture or not, the choice is yours. Find the configuration that matches your needs and contact one of our resellers with the model number for a quote.

Output Type

Mediatek is available in three variants: HD-SDI, SD-SDI and DVI-HDMI:


Synchronization allows Mediatek's outputs to be synchonizated with an external signal.


    The user interface has been designed for 1440x900 resolution, limiting the space required for the monitor in a studio. Larger monitors have more room to work, but take more space in your environment.

Touch Sensitivity

A touch sensitive monitor allows live operation of Mediatek without the keyboard and mouse. This is recommended.


Capture allows you to grab frames from an external video source.

External Preview

The external preview has been designed to facilitate communication in a studio. Everyone knows what's comming next and can follow the packaging of slides. Also, the name of the content is always displayed on the preview monitor, making it easy for everyone to recall slides later on.

Multimedia Kit

The multimedia kit is a bundle to multimedia devices that are known to work well with Mediatek.

Clip Playback Support

With clip playback, Mediatek supports MPEG, MOV, AVI and WMV files and can playback up to two HD clips simultaneously.

Lossless HD Clip Support

With lossless HD clip support, Mediatek can record or playback HD video with no compression, making sure the playback is in the best quality possible. This option also makes Mediatek more responsive with all other file formats.

Text Support

This option enables text labels to be written directly inside of Mediatek, adding captions to pictures or clips.

Effects Package

Mediatek comes with basic effects such as black and white and chroma and brightness adjustment. This package includes more advanced effects, such as white-clip (blooming), blurring, sharpness, and more. These effects can be applied to images, clips or live input and are rendered live.

Remote Operations

Mediatek can be installed with an extension, allowing the hardware to be up to 150ft away from the monitor, keyboard. The extension includes a USB 2.0 hub at 480Mbps, meaning that usb keys, a scanner, an external hard drives or even a DVD drives can be used at the extension point at full speed.

Hardware Warranty

The workstation and hard drives are covered by a three year warranty. Other hardware is covered by a one year warranty. It is possible to extend the warranty up to five years.

Software Support

Software support entitles you to fixes and upgrades during the covered period.

Configuration Summary

You may refer to this configuration using the following bundle id:

Configuration URL

You may come back to this configuration later by saving this URL:
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